Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine)


✅ Ayurvedic Consultation, ✅ Pulse Diagnostics, ✅ Treatment of different diseases with Indian herbs, ✅ Individual Panchakarma Therapies, ✅ Abhyanga, ✅ Shirodhara – Head Massage with the streem of warm herbal oil, ✅ Vasti – A traditional herbal oil application for different areas of your body to support back pain, eye balance, heart strength, thyroid balance as well as other imbalances, ✅ Cleansing of the body, ✅Stress treatment, ✅ Weight correction

Massage and spa treatments


✅Spesial Oil Treatments, ✅Hot Stonе Therapy, ✅Lithotherapy✅Aromatherapy, ✅General Body Massage, ✅Kerala Massage, ✅Face and Body Massage (Eastern and Western Techniques), ✅Shirodhara – Head Massage with the streem of warm herbal oil., ✅Relaxation Package «Anti-Stress», ✅Relaxing Feet Acupressure with Hydromassage



✅ Diamond Therapy, ✅Astro-Gem Therapy (treatment with precious gems – emerald, safare, rubi, topaz) Star therapy for real Stars!, ✅Treatment with 24 carat gold
Skin Oxigen Therapy, ✅Chocolate Therapy, ✅Acne Treatment , ✅Scars Treatment, ✅Non-surgical skin lifting, ✅Wrinkles Treatment and Skin Rejuvenation, ✅Pigmentation Treatment, ✅Face Cleaning and Peeling, ✅Under-eye dark cyrles treatment



✅Hatha Yoga
✅Yoga during pregnancy
✅Yoga for children

Reiki and pranic healing

✅ Treatment and Training

Professional training programs


✅Ayurveda, ✅Cosmetology, ✅Massage, ✅Yoga Instructor, ✅Phytotherapy, ✅Reiki and Pranic Healing, ✅Visage, ✅Tattoo



✅ Feminine Energy, how to oincrease it, ✅ The law of Karma , ✅ Principles of financial success, ✅ Spiritual Laws of Success, ✅ Chakras and Aura, ✅ Yoga and the art of being Healthy, ✅ Feng Shui – how to attract success

Organic shop


✅ Cosmetics, Skin and Hair Care Products, ✅ Organic Teas, ✅ Essential Oils and Aromatic Candles , ✅ Accessories (bags, shawls, bijouterie), ✅ Silver Jewelry
✅ Indian Souvenirs, ✅ Feng Shui